All the best things in life are built to last. If we're lucky we get to pass them on.

When the Turvey’s store was flooded late in 2019 it would have been easy to look back and say, ‘We’ve had good run. Shall we leave it there?’ After all, 85 years in retail, spanning some of the most momentous events of the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries - well, nobody could accuse us of sloping off when the going gets tough.

But in reality, Turvey’s wasn’t going anywhere. We have great customers, Rotherham is great and we love what we do. We think it's important that there’s somebody still out there offering a choice outside the white, plastic identikit, cheap furniture that’s filling landfills all over the developed world. We sell furniture that lives with you and we commit ourselves to ensuring that relationship endures for as long as possible.


Our furniture comes with a service that extends beyond our cash register.

So whatever happens along the way, we're always here to look after you.

So, look around you as you sit in your office or living area now and think about the things you see. What are the most important things in your surroundings? Guaranteed, it's the things that are loaded with sentimental value, the repositories of memories, the things with the patina of time… the items of quality and durability.


Our reputation is built upon demanding the very highest standards from our manufacturers. Our products are built to last, whilst also being beautiful. There are upholstered sofas still being used and loved that were by Nat Turvey all those years ago, that tells you something.


We’re proud to be a part of Rotherham’s history and we’re equally proud to be a part of its future. We’ve lasted because we care about our customers and their families. We’re now serving the children, and the children’s children, of clients who we met in the 50’s. There’s no secret to it, we look after our customers and in return, they return.


We never lose sight of the fact that the purchase of a piece of furniture is both a financial and emotional commitment. After all, you’ll be living with your purchase for many years to come. Every now and again something may need attention. If that happens, we will do whatever we can to rectify the issue and we’re always on hand to offer advice.